Sit n’ Spin

Friend helping friend Spooner Trick Sit n spin

Sit on your Spooner with legs crossed. Find a friend or use your hands to start spinning!

Low Spin

Spooner trick high to low spin

Crouch down low and use your hands on the ground to start spinning. Once you feel comfortable stand up straight for the “Low To High Spin”.


Spooner Trick Shove it

This is a famous skateboard move where the board spins under your feet. Jump up on the board and kick your front foot forward while kicking your back foot back.


Spooner Trick Flipper

Start with The Spooner upside down on your toes. Jump up and flip the board over to land on top!

Cave Man

Spooner Trick, Caveman into the pool

Run and jump with Spooner Board in hand, try and get the board under your feet for a radical air shot!

Star Gazer

Spooner Trick Star Gazer

Check out the stars while spinning on your back! Just lay on The Spooner and have a friend give you a spin.


Spooner Trick Superman

Lay down on your stomach with the board underneath you. Use your hands to start a super spin.

Finger Flip

Spooner trick Finger Flip

Use one hand to flip the board under your feet while jumping into the air, let the board do a full rotation before landing.


Kid boarding a Spooner in the snow

Find a snow, dirt, or grass hill and use The Spooner as a sled. Sitting is recommended, but some dare to stand!

Freestyle Dance

Spooner dance

Now connect all your moves with a Freestyle Dance.
Spin, Twist, Rock, and Roll!