The Very First Sneak Peak of The Spooner Fit Balance Board; An Unexpected Desert Meeting

The Meeting


         Watch this sneak peak of the brand new Spooner Fit Balance Board. Two fitness-focussed girls practice their Simple Spooner Fit Exercise routine in the dry desert plains of Joshua Tree, California and…

        They are really feelin’ it. 

       On the right, Sophia Guymer, professional Surf and Skate culture artist, says, 

“I can really feel it in my core!”

       Phoebe Guymer A.K.A. The Fruit Chick, Fitness Enthusiast and Acrobat, twists on the Spooner Fit Board to the left. She excitedly exclaims,

“I really feel it in my abs… they’re sculpting themselves!”

All this from a simple twisting motion done on the Balance Board.


       From down the desert track two best friends, Lazy Amelia Daisy and Moonjuicer Emily, notice the simple workout performed on the Balance Board and find it’s like nothing they’ve ever seen.

“What’re you guys doing? …you guys look great!”

They’ve gotta try it. What is it?

The Fruit Chick puts it simply,

        “It’s a Spooner Board! Surf, skate, snowboard stimulant. Give it a go!”

 The Spooner Fit Board. A Simple Balance Board!

“It’s a great ab workout,” The Fruit Chick adds.

       The two girls jump on the Balance Board and twist. They twist on the Spooner Fit Board until it turns into a Spooner dance. They can’t believe it! 


       Watch this Spooner Fit Board video as the two newbies give the new product all they’ve got. 

       “I feel it in my body”

       “I feel it in my soul!”

        There’s something special about this Balance Board…











Amelia Daisy Guymer

Spooner Board Trick Tips

Check out a few of the many tricks you can do on your spooner board. On this page you will find the spooner shuv it, the spooner 360+, the stargazer and more. If you have your own tutorials please submit them to

This video shows The Spooner stargazer spin. Just lay back on your Spooner Board, relax and spin. Dizziness can be a side effect.

The “Shuv it” is a popular skateboard trick. A great way to practice this move is on your Spooner Board! Just find your balance and kick the board around under your feet. Check out the video and see how easy it is.

The standing 360+ is one of the more advanced spooner tricks. The Spooner the only balance board that allows so much range of motion. Watch this video to learn how to get spinning on your board. There is no better way to practice your balance than spinning on a spooner!