Star Gazer

Check out the stars while spinning on your back! Just lay on The Spooner and have a friend give you a spin.

Step 1: Safety First

It is recommended that you make sure you are in a space that is clear of anything that you may hit once you start spinning. It there is anything you might hit move it or move yourself to a clear area.

Step 2: Lay Down

Lay down on your Spooner Balance Board, tuck your chin to your chest and hug your knees!

Step 3: Have a Friend Spin You

Have a friend begin to spin you. Have the friend start slow so you can secure your balance, then as you both feel comfortable, you can spin faster and faster.

Step 4: Release

Once you have come to a spin speed you are comfortable with have your friend let go and see how long you can keep spinning!

Step 5: Look Up At The Stars

Look up at the stars as you spin ’round and ’round!

“Star Gazer” Trick Stats

  • Skill: Beginner
  • Fun: High
  • Products: Freestyle, Pro

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