Spooner Inspiration

Spooner’s been looking into new territories. We’re not really sure where we’re headed but we can see the horizon is calling us farther. Past the shoreline into the waves and more. Across the boarders. Into the water. We’re expanding. You’re seeing glimpses. We’re seeing landings. In it together, if you’re on board. We’re on the board. Call it what you will. For the ride or for the thrill. Tide predicting, soft waves lifting, up up, soar down. It’s a wave of freedom, of freestyle, of redemption, of leaving. Leaving behind what was before. Of what is coming, of what we’re bringing. What is the meaning of life and what is freedom. Freedom in surfing, in new beginning. Freedom in singing, freedom in freedom. In freestyle, in body language, in expressing. Freedom in feeling. Freedom in the board. Freedom of dancing, of revealing. Of what is real, of what is redeeming.

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