Spooner Slide

Step 1: Find a Hill!

Find a snow, dirt, grass hill or cobblestone hill and use The Spooner as a sled.

Step 2: Sit on the Board

Sit on your Spooner like a sled. Hold on to the sides of The Spooner or the nose of the board.

Step 3: Prepare for Take Off!

Either have an adult push you for a head start or use your feet to kick off.

Step 4: Stop

Put your feet down on either side of the Spooner for a smooth stop to your ride.

Step 5: Some Dare to Stand

If you’re feeling confident try standing on your Spooner as you slide down a hill. Squat real low to find balance!

“Spooner Slide” Trick Stats

  • Skill: Advanced
  • Fun: High
  • Products: Freestyle, Pro

Best Spooner Balance Boards for the “Spooner Slide” Spooner Trick