The classic “Shuv It” trick is a famous skateboard move where the board spins under your feet. Break this trick out at the end of a Spooner Sequence for an amazing Grand Finale!

Spooner Trick Shove it

Step 1: Find Your Stance

Place your two feet on either side of the Balance Board.

Step 2: Jump and Kick

As you are jumping up off the board, kick your front foot forward while kicking your back foot back. The board will spin under your feet as you are in the air.

Step 3: Land The Trick

As you come back down from the jump, keep your eyes on the Spooner Board and aim for you feet to land on either side of the Spooner again.

“Shuv It” Trick Stats

  • Skill: Intermediate
  • Fun: High
  • Products: Freestyle, Pro

Best Spooner Balance Boards for the “Shuv It” Spooner Trick