Low Spin

The Low Spin is the easiest trick to learn how to spin on a Spooner Balance Board. This trick is a stepping stone to the incredible “Low-to-High Spin” and can get you spinning as soon as possible. Anyone can do it! So, let’s get started!

Spooner trick high to low spin

Step 1: Safety First

Look around you, are there any objects that might get it your way? If there are, move them out of the way and creating a clear space for some serious spinning!

Step 2: Are You Goofy or Regular?

To do this trick, you’ll need to place your two feet the balance board, but which foot goes in front?

Goofy or Regular

You’ll have to find out if you are Goofy Footed or Regular Footed. To figure that out:

  1. Stand on the ground with your two feet together and close your eyes.
  2. Have a friend or family member gently push you forward.
  3. After they push you, you will naturally step forward to catch your balance.
  4. Take note of the foot you stepped forward with.
Was it your Left foot or Right?
  • Left foot forward means you are “Goofy” Footed!
  • Right foot forward mean you are Regular!
(Remember this when you Spoon’, surf, skate and snowboard!)

Step 3: Get on the Spooner Balance Board

Now that you know if you are Goofy (left foot forward) or Regular (right foot forward), place your feet on the board.

Step 4: Crouch Down Low and Start Spinning

Crouch down low by bending your knees and getting as low as possible. Put your hands on the ground and use them to push yourself into a spin and enjoy the fun!

Step 5 (Optional): Turn It Into A “Low To High Spin”

Once you feel comfortable spinning low and crouched, then, while spinning, stand up straight turning the trick into a “Low To High Spin”.

“Low Spin” Trick Stats

  • Skill: Beginner, Intermediate (If Step 5 included)
  • Fun: High
  • Products: Freestyle, Pro

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