Back in the summer of 2006 I, Randy Putland was cleaning up the in the backyard of my surf shop in Old Town San Diego. I had an old dog igloo I used as a form to build a BBQ for my wife Monica. I decided to put it in the trash but it wouldn’t fit in the can. My jigsaw was close by so I grabbed it and started cutting. As soon as I started, I envisioned a skateboard deck in the curvature. I made six skateboard decks (I thought at the time). I put wheels on the curved plastic, but it was too curved and flexible and the bottom of the deck hit the cement. The next day my daughter and her friends jumped on them without the wheels and started playing for hours.. The Spooner Board was born..Just by accident. Later on we developed the Yardboard – this was inspired from my childhood. I always loved surfing and skateboarding. As a kid we would find old trash can lids and slide them down hills. The Yardboard is based on this inspiration – An all terrain down hill slider for dirt, grass, sand, gravel, and snow!

A couple months after I cut out the first boards my surfing buddy Bernie Miller walked in and saw them in action. He jumped on one and cranked out 4 or 5 360’s. As soon as he jumped off he said, “We have to make these!” So we went down to the Old Town Saloon, got a beer and wrote down a simple business plan. We did our research and development in a garage and applied for a patent. As a start up with a heavy workload we picked up a young energetic guy, Reuben Guymer. The 3 of us bootstrapped the project and dug in. We lived through many highs and lows but with determination we got it going.