Spooner Boards used in First Wisconsin Snowboard Class

Check out these kids riding Spooner Boards in gym class with Burton’s “Learn to Ride” Snowboard Program!

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WASHBURN, Wis. – Washburn Elementary School just became the first school in Wisconsin to offer an indoor snowboarding unit in their P.E. classes.

Snowboarding is typically done outside on the slopes, but elementary students in Washburn can now experience the snowboarding thrill in their school gymnasium.

Washburn is the first school in Wisconsin to add indoor snowboarding their P.E. curriculum.

“A lot of them are hesitant to try snowboarding because they don’t have a lot of experience with that and so having this equipment now and this unit here hopefully gives them more confidence,” says Washburn Elementary and Middle School P.E. teacher, Matthew Goodness.

Ideally, these young students would also get a chance to try it in the snow.

“With our snow melting, we’re limited to what we can do in here but it’s a good start to everything,” says Goodness.

But doing an outdoor activity inside can be fun too.

“I think it’s really cool that you get to experience snowboarding inside. I mean like, who gets to do that?” says Washburn second grader William.

The kids can work on safety until they’re ready to try it for real.

“A lot of the skill sets are really focusing in on the stances that students have while they’re on snowboards and balancing,” says Goodness.

“And I won’t be afraid to fall off,” says second grader Savannah.

One big reason Washburn kindergarten through sixth grade classes are being taught the unit is so students can be confident snowboarding when they travel to ski resorts for winter fun.

“I was thinking of going snowboarding, so I think this is good practice, because if you want to learn how to snowboard, then you should do this,” says William.

And it’s a good chance for Mr. Goodness to brush up on his skills too.

“I actually don’t snowboard. I grew up skiing and I ski so for me this is an opportunity to learn the basics as well,” says Goodness.

School leaders are hopeful that with more snow next year, they can start to take the kids snowboarding outside to show off what they learned.