Health and Wellness at Brighton High School

A student from Brighton, Michigan reached out with a goal to put together an outlet room for her schoolmates to reduce stress and excel in class. Check out her success below!

I’m a senior at Brighton High School and last year I did a year-long thesis project for my AP Language and Composition class on stress in students. A potential solution I came up with to lower stress levels was to bring Health and Wellness rooms to Brighton High School. Basically I wanted to create a room that students could escape to during the day to alleviate their stress and promote a healthier mentality. When I watched Spooner Board’s pitch on Shark Tank, I was transfixed by the product, along with the energy of its creators! I took a leap of faith and decided to reach out to them, and to my surprise, they responded. They sponsored my project and sent me ten Spooner Boards to support my endeavors! However, the room idea didn’t go through due to concern with the room being used for purposes other than its intended use. Instead, I decided to stick with the concept, but execute it in a different way. I gave the boards to the Special Education program at my school, and the students love it! The boards are distributed between multiple rooms where special needs classes are taught so the students have access to them at all times. When the students get fidgety or have temper flare-ups, they are able to use the Spooner Board to calm down and relax. In addition, the Spooner Board helps build coordination and balance and is so versatile and user friendly that every student, regardless of their type of disability, can enjoy the boards. The people behind Spooner Board genuinely want to help others and that is illustrated clearly in their product.

Ellen Tsao

Brighton High School