Spooner Boards Lakeside Middle School Career Day

Spooner helping schools

After airing on ABC’s Shark Tank, the Spooner gang received a few requests to tell their story at some local schools. Tierra Del Sol’s band teacher invited us to speak to the Middle School students on Career Day. For hours kids were spinning, twisting, rocking and flipping. The students all seemed to like the idea of the board improving their balance and coordination skills so they can be that future surfer, skater, or snowboarder they’ve always dreamed to be. Students listened intently to the guys recall their Shark Tank experience and how they cultivated their business from a dog igloo to what it is today . The Spooner crew explained to the middle schoolers that it’s important to keep an open mind and stay determined, since this company was an accident after all! Ultimately, Career Day was a fun success!


Low Spin

Spooner trick high to low spin

The low spin is the easiest way to learn how to spin on The Spooner Balance Board. This trick leads to the incredible low-to-high spin and can get you spinning extremely fast. 

Anyone can do it!

So, let’s get started!

Spooner trick high to low spin

Step 1: Safety First

Look around you, are there any objects that might get it your way?

Move them to the side and create a clear space for some serious spinning! 

Step 2: Are You Goofy or Regular?

To do this trick, you’ll need to place your two feet the balance board but do you know which foot goes in front?

Everyone is different! 

You’ll have to find out if you are Goofy or Regular footed:

  1. Stand on the ground with your two feet together and close your eyes.
  2. Have a friend or family member gently push you forward.
  3. After they push you, you will naturally step forward to catch your balance.
  4. Take note of the foot you stepped forward with. 

Was it your Left foot or Right?

Left foot forward means you are Goofy!

Right foot forward mean you are Regular!

(Remember this when you Spoon’, surf, skate and snowboard! )

Step 3: Get on the Spooner Balance Board

Now that you know if you are Goofy (left foot forward) or Regular (right foot forward), place your feet on the board.

Step 4: Crouch Down Low and Get Spinning

Crouch down low. Put your hands on the ground and use them to push yourself into a spin.

Step 5: Turn It Into A “Low To High Spin”

Once you feel comfortable stand up straight for the “Low To High Spin”.

“Sit n’ Spin” Trick Stats

  • Skill: Beginner
  • Fun: High
  • Products: Freestyle, Pro

    Best Spooner Balance Boards for the “Low Spin” Spooner Trick


Spooner Trick Shove it

 The classic “Shuv It” trick is a famous skateboard move where the board spins under your feet. 

Break this trick out at the end of a Spooner Sequence for an amazing Grand Finale!


Spooner Trick Shove it

Step 1: Find Your Stance

Place your two feet on either side of the Balance Board. 

Step 2: Jump and Kick

As you are jumping up off the board, kick your front foot forward while kicking your back foot back.

The board will spin under your feet as you are in the air.

Step 3: Land The Trick

As you come back down from the jump, keep your eyes on the Spooner Board and aim for you feet to land on either side of the Spooner again.

“Shuv It” Trick Stats

  • Skill: Intermediate
  • Fun: High
  • Products: Freestyle, Pro

    Best Spooner Balance Boards for the “Shuv It” Spooner Trick